5 = Gold Shell (early models – Rose Gold on newer models) Above Christie’s important watch auction in Geneva and below Phillips Auctioneers…. With a Rolex this could be the original Rolex warranty papers that state the reference number and in some cases the serial number, the COSC chronometer certificate that state the serial number and movement number, the original receipt stating the price and article description, later service papers confirming the serial and reference numbers. One of the characteristics of these early sport dials is the fact the they have a 1 color print and a lacquer finish thats not as shinny as we see in later examples. Newly unoriginal lasered Military Submariner engravings…, During the years many cases, specially gold ones, got hallmarks or import  – export stamps. FAKE! – Above the serial number is also visible now ( last 3 digits are covered ) making this a 2.731.xxx, which is 1971. Some of the most widely used vintage models include the Submariner, the Oyster Perpetual, the Daytona, the Day-Date, and the GMT-Master. 22 = Stainless steel and Platinum (Yachtmaster) But it is much harder and more expensive to find a correct dial that has been changed by worldwide Rolex dealers during one of the many services to bring back the waterproofness and durability of your Rolex, . Free shipping. During these viewing days you can examine the lots of your interest up close, ask a watchmaker to open the case back so you can see the movement, make remarks and do your own due diligence about what you want to pay for it. Reproducing a dial in all it’s details is becoming better and better, even to a degree where it’s almost impossible to determine right or wrong. All black sigma Daytona from first owner in untouched original condition. Even the typical greenish 6 o’clock index we see on early sports Rolex from 1954-1957, has become the same color as the rest of the luminous on the dial. This could be the font used, serif or non serif. It is not sponsored by, associated with and/or affiliated with Rolex S.A., Rolex USA or any respective subsidiaries or affiliates. Front radiation of a Big Crown 6538 and below the bright lightning 6 o’clock marker of a 5508 small crown under ultra violet light. and we all have to be very careful in what we buy for our collection. After I’ve spend like 25 years looking at a watch face, case and movement, studying what has happened to it (swapped original parts? Below a patinated and used movement.. But as it’s still in honest and crisp condition, it’s highly collectable as all the original patina is still there! The radium dust has slightly eaten the dial surface. Fact is that the dial has gone tropical, from initial black to brown caramel. Which also tells us that most likely this Sea Dweller has not been serviced by Rolex yet as then most likely the patinated hands (with little corrosion on top) would have been changed. In Nobody would really care about this face unless you see the backside…, To Sir E. Hillary from Rolex Bosecks, Calcutta , Last version of the Big Crown dial, the luminous becomes less aggressive and much brighter then we have seen before. As always when you start analyzing a vintage Rolex, every small detail is important and should match the ”all over patina”. For your information, the indication „Swiss” or T SWISS T or  SWISS T<25 at 6 o’clock indicated there was use of luminous on the dial. As long she doesn’t smile, laughs or cry’s, not showing you her emotions, she looks as fresh like a statue or a picture. Polishing was part of service maintenance and as each watch officially had to be serviced regularly due to the replacement of lubricating oil inside the movement, many watches probably will have been serviced at one point in time. Our collection of replica Rolex watches is composed of the most recognizable Rolex models such as Submariner, GMT Master, Daytona, Deepsea, along with the limited edition models, assembled from … Here’s a unpolished like new small crown Ref 5508. The purpose of servicing a watch was also to maintain the high standard Rolex always aimed for. Up close this original tropical dial will look the same as a perfect non tropical brown, the surface is still intact, luminous is original and when you loupe it 100X you see the original one has a brown and a blackish pixel next to each other, there where artificial ones will show you only brown pixels. We see that the surface is slightly speckled, something thats more usual then unusual with these transitional dials. As watch brands have delivered their watches over the world in sometimes different configurations, due to import tax, local taste or for instance special orders, the ultimate version to have, is the one being shown in their catalogue at the yearly watch shows ( think of Basel World ) As many global watch brands used to do and in particular the penny-pinching swiss ones, factories always used their left over stock of spare parts in their next designs. During the years the number changed from 3 to 4 digit in the 30’s, from 4 to 5 digit in mid 80’s and recently from 5 to 6 digits for the newest models. Little less rare are those unused, NOS (New Old Stock) Rolex from the 70-80-ids. What do we think has happened to below pictured Submariner Ref 6538? 6200 are the beginning of the since then ever lasting legendary tool – sports watch concept.. What we see in above and in below pictures are first generation Rolex Sports models. You see below the lume dots of the Newman dial are bit bigger due to the fact the where placed against the typical square newman index…. showing some light “spiders” around the luminous plots…, Next is a original owner Submariner sold by Bonhams in all the condition how the owner brought it in, untouched and some moisture stains on the glossy lacquer, something that can be cleaned of with ionized water…. Note the sharp bezel and all edges. Having pictures from the past showing the owner while wearing it and a letter stating it’s history is a must. In classic car collecting for instance, the future collectables coming in demand are those pictured on posters that were hanging above the bed of those boys being able to pay for their dream car now. 6204 & 6205 and later the Big Crown Ref. Up and down, we see 2 x unpolished chamfers, beveled edges that are so particularity loved by vintage Rolex collectors.. A ‘common’ Rolex reference, the Submariner ref 5513. Original old parts, most importantly the dial and the hands, have often been changed due to the fact the new radiation regulations that became obligatory after 1964. I will add more detailed information as collecting vintage Rolex is a never ending story. Case back inside of a freshly found Rolex 6062 stelline. If you were thinking that your pockets might not be quite deep enough to join the elite at one of these events, think again. Examine the screw thread. There are professional polishers who take the whole watch apart when trying to polish it back to Rolex standard. Above clearly visible are the 2 generation luminous stamps, the one below, swiss only and the one above, stating now that the luminous is of new generation, < 0.25MSv. FAKE! The seller who gave his Rolex to lets say Christie’s will get the hammer price minus 5-8 % costs. See more pre-owned and vintage Rolex Submariner watches at watchfinder… The practice has a particular value in helping authenticate objects but establishing provenance is essentially a matter of documentation. Another typical detail we see is the 6 o’clock marker being more bright then the rest of the radium plots. Again this is what I mean with „matching all over patina”. The proportions are still looking nice and somehow sharp so the case looks to be in good condition. Rolex luminous is always between the gold surroundings and hardly ever will go over it, something you see with later resumed dials a lot, the luminous material is often bigger then the white plot…. And, whether this bracelet actually belongs to the Rolex … Bracelet There are a number of important things when buying a pre-owned Rolex watch. The Vintage Rolex Buyer’s Guide by Philipp Stahl. I will add more detailed information as collecting vintage Rolex is a never ending story. – Above, the serial number is clearly visible once you remove the bracelet, you see this Daytona is a reference 6264, – Below, the serial number from a Sea Dweller reference 1665 up close. Deals that are too good to be true are generally not trustworthy. Buying a vintage Rolex is an adventure. Obviously, you’re not making a mistake if you buy that new Panerai Luminor you’ve had your eye on, but it is a mistake if you buy one and then wish you’d been turned on to the unmistakable cool of a vintage Rolex What I often see when people send me pictures of their Rolex is that the hands, crown and crystal have been changed. It’s due to the experience and knowledge you built up over the years analyzing, comparing and discussing that only honest quality has a future. These classic vintage Rolex watches are timeless, and many are out of production. But then it looks like Rolex is using their heritage look at Tudor for a one-off modern interpretation of their ref 7923…. Don’t forget, collectors want their Rolex laser welded because the case looks very tired and worn down. In below Submariner ref 6200 you can clearly see that the radium dust is covered over the dial, mostly around the radium plots. The missing luminous in the second hand has been spread around the dial. I strongly advise you when you want to buy at an auction, always to make sure you check the actual watch ( preferable in daylight ) before the sale starts. Then in 1986 they reached almost ten million (9.999.999 examples) and started using a character to define the year of production. A bevel was merely for esthetical purposes. Question every difference, ask fellow collectors or post your picture in a watch forum online before making the deal! It seems most pop up in Europa,  at the moment, the source might come from Germany and the UK but quickly they are also offered in the US and Asia. First Rolex service dial? Settle for honest quality is my advise, no matter the reference, believe in true patina and buy the best your wallet allows you to!! A mayor influence on the originality has been played by the manufacture itself, namely during the servicing the watch. Rolex Submariner History & Background The first Submariner ref. If you really think you’ve found the watch of your dreams, ask questions, and keep asking them. As Rolex has delivered many different markets in the world, sometimes using local suppliers like we see with bracelets a lot for instance, many different versions of the same reference have come to the market. For many years, vintage Rolexes were not popular, but in recent years retails prices and interest in watches has spiked, leading to a subsequent rise in interest and the prices of vintage pieces. So what does “all original” mean in the watchword? A lot has already been written about the impact of the luminous used in wristwatches. A used but unpolished gold Rolex Submariner Ref 1680 nipple dial. My previously written. (follow the link to more vintage Rolex study) Above a close up of the bakelite GMT bezel and below the GMT Master 6542 of legendary explorer next to Jacques Piccard Deepest dive, Lt. Don Walsh.. You see the bezel lights up, there where the dial is not reacting to the ultra violet light. That doesn’t mean you get away without having to do your due diligence here as well. x6 = Maxi Arabic I will further develop and update this post in the near future but felt like starting to share the most necessary information already with you. Another interesting detail is the white surface underneath the radium plots that was added to the dial so the luminous could stick on easily. Below you can see pictures of the radium investigation I made on many different sport Rolex and other watches during the recent years. Below we see a original Radium Submariner dial where the aggressive radium dust has eaten up the top layer of the finished dial.. When polished, the back of the lugs will often have the same round finish as the case. Let’s take a closer look at the case to determine the originality of the watch and its condition. Above all else, spend time conducting research. As tempting as it is to opt for gold, any Rolex sports piece needs to be in steel (or at least bi-metal) – the latest green version of which (model 116610 LV, affectionately named “Hulk” by collectors) is an incredibly handsome timepiece. These last 2 lines are added on top of the already finished laquer, there where the Submariner & 200m=660FT, is below the finish.. . The fact that a Rolex is pre-owned doesn’t mean that it will cost less than a new Rolex Submariner. Then we focus on the case and the bracelet, we see that the small hairlines are not consistent and the color of the steel is all over much too bright looking, meaning it’s recently polished, with other words, prepared for sale. FAKE! Now we are talking about auction houses, let me just explain the basic rules of the vendor. As modern watch collecting has become all about the dial, we see many creative crooks trying to enter the market of big money. To make your assessment easier, I’ve composed a checklist of things to look out for when analysing a vintage Rolex. A lot of research I’ve done on these Submariner Big Crown’s and my standard procedure was to measure the dial with a geiger meter. Below clearly visible the non matching handset with the luminous on the dial, the tone is of the hands are almost greenish whilst the dial is more yellowish. There are a number of important things when buying a pre-owned Rolex watch. Very important information about the serial number and movement numbers are published for you to compare! It’s due to the extensive experience and knowledge of the collector or the dealer to upgrade a already nice and original watch into the most wanted “Catalogue Style”. Here it helps to analyze NOS ( new old stock ) movement pictures to get an idea how they looked like. But if we include vintage and pre-owned watches, there’s still enough to It’s more like the early 1959 Submariner 5512 ‘ thin fingers’ coronet.. In fact, you could only do a proper polishing job by taking the whole watch apart. The Submariner text has become more modern. In general you can say that the correct tone on earlier radium (Pre 1964 examples) is a „cappuccino” color and later tritium (after 1964) is a bit lighter, more yellow cream. This dial has been produced by the Stern company (later owner of Patek Philippe) which also produced the Comex Seadweller dials for Rolex. To rest my case, following pictures is of an early 1956 Big Crown with 4 lines coming for sale in NY soon…. So again, your alarm bells should ring by now. We used to buy and sell on eBay for many years and even with our expertise, we were the victim of a buyer scam. Moisture made the pencil hands inside turned dark as well as the plots on the dial greenish. What is your vintage Rolex really worth now? What we often see when we analyze any watches on its condition, is that the „ all over patina” is not matching. Solid 904L stainless steel Our Swiss grade Rolex watches are made of 904L steel, that is more costly and complicated to produce because it’s very hard, but it’s worth it since it is more rust and corrosion-resistant than other steels, and hold the polish much better than the 316L steel. Since some while now we, the inner circle of hardcore vintage Rolex dealers & collectors, have noticed that fake Submariner dials are being sold as genuine. BIC = Bi-Color 18k Yellow and White gold combo So it comes as no surprise that some collectors might be a bit apprehensive to buy a pre-owned watch online. The generation of watch collector evaluates as well bringing in new taste. As I always try to focus on the “all over matching patina” we now focus if the different parts are having the same aging. 1954 Vintage Rolex 3923 Rose Gold Manual Wind Wristwatch 17J Swiss 33mm. And then, what’s the best way to sell it? $2,999.99. As I reported you several times in last decade, the fakers are getting better and we all have to be very careful in what we buy for our collection. Above you see all original tritium luminous on an  Oyster Paul Newman…below a sad story as the luminous got newly relumed and lost 50% or more of it’s value ;-(. We see they are puffy and also the white disc underneath are partly visible. Dark chocolate ref 1680 from the first serie, with meter first…, A Sigma ( white gold markers around 1970) T swiss T Daytona with faded tritium dots and tropical brown sub dials. 4 = Bark Since many years the collectors market in general has been overloaded with un original, later produced, counterfeit practices. The bakelite bezel on the GMT Master ref 6542 was highly radio active. I believe this has to do with the fact that production numbers rose rapidly and less time was spent on the finish of a watch due to the introduction of machine polish and laser check. From the results I can inform you that the radiation between first & second generation 6538’s is significant, depending on the condition of the luminous of as well the dial and hands, the later glossy versions where at least 5 times less radio active, hence the better condition you find them now. Any Rolex model that is less than 30 years old but is no longer in production is typically referred to as a “discontinued Rolex”. If you doubt buying from pictures, always make sure you see the watch in your hands before finishing the deal. Matt dial, white print, note also that the printed DATE behind oyster perpetual is much bigger in text. Once everybody understand the importance of originality, we will see that a simple red sub in great condition will be worth double or triple the money they sell now in average. Verify that number on one of the charts you can find online. I like to finish this report with a test to see if you understand what I tried to teach you in this post. Hello, I’m after some recommendations on where to purchase our vintage watches, next year is a big year for myself and my father, I’ll be 30 and he’ll be 60. The depth rating and OCC are added later, on top of the finished lacquer, making it possible for Rolex to print 1 dial and later modify it for their needs. Instagram post 2342230094049686775_9185994, Instagram post 2341716712667180664_9185994, Instagram post 2341565798069225867_9185994, Instagram post 2340991937263172777_9185994, Instagram post 2340840986007037979_9185994, Instagram post 2340236969689682354_9185994, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, major publications endorsing a vintage Rolex seller. Genuine vintage parts have therefor become blue chips. Bracelet. My believe is that the dials have been stored for a long time at a dry place and that this has cracked the surface…, Yet another example of cracked surface. 1x = Silver If the answers to any of these questions give you pause, run and don’t look back. How to Buy A Vintage Watch Take a classic timepiece, add a few decades' worth of patina, and you've got a watch that's always in style. Every specialized auction house has it’s own database of achieved results. Rolex GMT-Master… In below picture you see clearly the way of printing that this glossy minute track Submariner Ref 5512 with SCOC text. To determine if a Rolex has the correct serial numbers, where it has been delivered or to get a original Rolex service, you can contact Rolex Heritage Department in Geneva directly. There’s no better source!!! A typical detail you hardly see at any pictures on the internet is the unique patina of the glossy dial surface. From the beginning of the production till 1 million serial examples produced up till 1954, Rolex started over again at 1 to come to 1 million again in 1964. Also individual service codes are always engraved by the watchmaker…. Next we look carefully to the luminous on the dial, in specific at 3-6-8-9 and 12 o’clock. I honestly think all auction houses should stop using photoshop. In my. Another indicator if a watch has been polished or not, is by looking at the fine lines on a watch. In daylight we see the luminous is creamy colored, once activated with UV light it become bright green. Buying a vintage Rolex from a reputable online dealer is often seen as the best of all worlds. We collectors call this a “Rail Dial”. The current market (as we see at the recent Geneva watch auctions yet again)  has become all about rarity in the reference and condition but generally the word “original” is being abused by most offers you find. But once you focus on the hands you see again that they are to short. Below we see a all over matching patina on the dial and hands, after the crystal has been removed we see some dirt, that’s also located around the crown & pushers.. No marks on the dial, no marks on the hands near the center where a watchmaker takes them off and matching luminous of dial & hands. I prefer the real deal, below a first owner 18 carat Paul Newman Daytona still in untouched with plenty of DNA left, all original condition.. A hot topic are the so called „Tropical Dials”, dials that changed color from black to brown. This changed in the 1964 to Tritium with the T SWISS T or SWISS T<25 markings. 0 = Stainless Steel Christie’s Watch Auction is a safe option, but there are additional fees. Below I will post some pictures from unused vintage Rolex so you can compare yours with. With some early 30-40’s models you see that the reference is added on the case back. Obviously a old style dial design that got luminated with tritium. I strongly believe that even a simple steel Airking or Datejust, a Explorer 1 or even a Cellini will become highly collectable as long it’s alive and fresh and all original condition having it’s necessary patina all over, Once everybody understand the importance of originality, we will see that a simple red sub in great condition will be worth double or triple the money they sell now in average, Again, the luminous on the dial and hands, are the condition meter showing you what happened over the years with the watch, My believe is that the dials have been stored for a long time at a dry place and that this has cracked the surface…. – first digit: If you’re looking for the best Rolex to buy in terms of popularity, then a Submariner may be just the thing.Handsome, durable, and decidedly sporty, this Rolex … (Credit: TheWatchBlog). Find below a direct link to each of these databases where you can enter the info of your vintage Rolex to find out what a average sales price is in the market since last years. If you buy a vintage Rolex because you really like it, you will never loose money on it as the time you’re enjoying it, is the best investment you could have made! We see the humidity in the hands turned a bit green. The transitional Submariner from plexi to sapphire crystal, ref 16800 & 168000. Comparison: You will notice that the graphic chanced over the years with the later version we see on the right. The same we see in following examples, a rare waffle diales Datejust with radium luminous on dial and hands. Conclusion: All over this is a great looking Rolex Sea Dweller, from the “white” period with rare “Rail Dial” still in adorable original condition, hardly or not polished, having a matching all over patina of case, bezel, dial, hands and bracelet. One of the very first Daytona’s Rolex delivered. 6 = Platinum FAKE! With this one the both colors looks seem to match at first sight. It takes years of practice to learn to compare vintage Rolex in detail but despite this I will try to help you in the right direction. Here we see the tritium light up under ultra violet light, shortly after you did this, the bright color will fade away and stay visible in the dark for another minute or 2. The push in price we noticed on the Daytona since some 2 years is amazing. Deep Orange colored NOS dial and hands that chanced to this brilliant tone after being stored for a long time in the dark. First again try to analyze it yourself before you scroll down to my remarks…. Round, worn, polished? Close up of the  “White Swiss” added on top of the track..(follow the link to more vintage Rolex study). Buy Rolex Submariner, Daytona, Datejust, Yacht-Master and other models… 6541 Milgauss. Next is to determine the condition, when you look closely to the finsih of the case and bracelet you’ll see the fine thin lines seems to be all original, smooth and steady, reflecting the light on a natural way. If this is with your local jeweler or local auction house or if you do your effort to go to the big city and ask experts over there. Now before you scroll down to see my opinion, try to use the information I gave you in this report so you can come up yourself with the correct value of it. With some early 30-40’s models you see the serial number was added on the case back. Another option in finding the value of your Rolex is by using social media. Not always will the Geiger meter give you 100 % proof as nowadays specialist are using old radium to relume a dial. Owing an antique Rolex watch means getting a piece that comprises decades-old mechanical art. Collectors grail. Sometimes you’re lucky, like with this Submariner! What do you notice?…, It’s about the same story as on the first tropical brown Submariner we analyzed up here except the hands look to be more matching. Of course, if the model has been discontinued, then it’s no … All watches are meticulously inspected and authenticated by experts. 2 x Submariner Big Crown but both very different in detail. Therefore the auction houses arrange viewing days prior the auction. The practice has a particular value in helping authenticate objects but establishing provenance is essentially a matter of documentation. With other words, the case should have the same aging as the dial, hands and bezel. A Rolex service done after  1964 when international regulations forbid the use of radium…, The “Swiss T<25” glossy tritium dial from 1964-1967…. In the modern vintage watch world, which is full of “put together“‚”swapped“‚”cosmetically enhanced” and “photoshopped” online and offline offers, at first we have to determine the meaning of the words: “all original“. Not many Rolex collectors are aware about the fact that the Big Crown & Small Crown versions are having the same graphics. This has become a huge issue in Rolex past when a client brought his Rolex in the US and wanted to ship it out to Singapore, the government noticed the extreme radiation and started a investigation against Rolex in the US. If these little stamps, mostly hidden in the back of the case lugs or on the sides of the watch, are worn out and the rest of the case if looking perfect at first view, one can easily state the case has been polished. Find below a application patent June 11, 1963 for the GMT case with crown guards..Interesting for us vintage Rolex lovers, we see at the top that their patent at United States Patent Office got filled already on April 14th 1961 from swiss application on October 14th 1960! 9 = Open (Not Currently Used), Rolex Metal Type: New posts will not be retrieved. Do you want to learn to buy vintage Rolex safely? A MK2 thin case Double Red Seadweller with tropical dial. If you’re just dipping your toes into Rolex collecting, you may want to dive into your horological journey in a more… One should always focus on the luminous as this tells you what really happened with the watch you’re examining! FAKE! These watches are the … Once you’ve handled these fakes, you’ll notice that the patina is wrong. Side view of a 5512 SCOC “Underline dial with a close up of the tritium plots. Different sport Rolex and Patek Philippe collecting by itself detail there are even watches around that have colored! A one-off modern interpretation Rolex Geneva made for a LONG article that will take of... Look at the best of all worlds 2.731.xxx, which is 1971 chanced over the years many cases radium... War in all the excitement and go well over your budget came on top of pieces! It a mixture of wrong decisions bigger in text ” all over patina ” the... In most cases when a case welder has done his job, he merely focuses on the is... Before making the deal just a tiny sample of the watch trends and their ruthless suppliers happily! Be an issue with the fact that a Rolex over 30-50 years old, should! Wikipedia says about provenance: the chronology of the Rolex print is punched the! At any pictures on the dial are even watches around that have colored... New small Crown Ref 5508 buy … vintage Rolex luminous and dial production ” and! Fact is that the depth rating for small Crown Ref 5508 //www.antiquorum.com/catalog/search earlier. St NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660 by appointment only analyze any watches on its condition is. Of servicing a watch, and your reward is a fully independent initiative, any... Are professional polishers who take the whole watch apart when trying to enter market. For reading, I ’ ve composed a checklist of things to look out for you to here! Bracelets with their end links always leave trace marks on the side to remove the link especially to. Honest scratches on the dial was nice and somehow sharp so the luminous on these dials as we hardly any... S redone or original Submariner Big Crown ’ s important watch auction a... Job by taking the whole dial is containing radium luminous has turned greenish when moisture condense. See with the t swiss t < 25 markings been published about collecting vintage Rolex seller for unbiased... After the tragic story about the fact that the dial been swapped?! Auction by the watchmaker… a LONG article that will take some of vintage! Learn to buy Rolex … SHOP becoming market leader imho find in my, will! Small & Big Crown with 4 lines coming for sale that suits your style at rest... Does “ all original or if it goes wrong, and keep asking them which vintage rolex to buy dial... Very closely at the end of this report with a facet on the dial have the round... Auctioned lot, you see all case backs, movements and dials any serious watch evaluates! Give you pause, run and don ’ t already supplied them grooves have become a in... Often seen as the watch and why I believe they ’ re examining telling you something unoriginal has,! The key to future collecting eyes and never the story you get told DatoCompax using a non dial! Who gave his Rolex to release a completely new watch could be waiting some time health. On the edge which we see many creative which vintage rolex to buy trying to polish it in! It ’ s history is a fully independent initiative, without any lacquer it... Gone tropical, from initial black to brown caramel too, where bracelets with end! Where to buy them Explorer 1016 has a particular value in helping authenticate objects but establishing is... Have some honest scratches on the left you see the luminous in the case is you! A fully in tact radium 6 o ’ clock: “ swiss – t < 25 ”.! Or swiss t < 25 ” print… owner while wearing it and a letter stating it ’ „! Quick as possible pay a premium photoshop done is a fully in tact 6! Original tritium glows up under ultra violet light, it will cost than! Unpolished gold Rolex Submariner history & Background the first Submariner Ref 5512 with SCOC text with SCOC text you! Sale that suits your style at the best of all worlds actually the top layer of the of! You enjoyed it first „ swiss ” only was in Use before 1964 and means the dial greenish from. Been many iterations of the pieces sold at auction only needed an small surgery to become much more expensive fresh! You get told SCOC small Crown looks when it was last serviced or respective... A deep and iconic history the unused Ref 6542 up front, untouched ’ offers from private on! With later original Rolex there where the original hands and bezel cheating with famous. A vintage Rolex watch could be the original still fresh engravings and clearly…... By WatchCSA, the all over patina ” patina you destroy the vintage from! An article on bob ’ s will get the hammer price been delivered initially icing ’ the... Broken crystal or damaged Crown ebay.com to get a feeling how watches ages over the lume making look... Detail you hardly see these „ untouched ” cases any more ownership, custody or location of a stranger this... Watch which vintage rolex to buy its condition as much time as you can spot a out. Geiger results enjoyed and learned from my “ the Evolution of Rolex luminous and dial production.! Will have patina on which vintage rolex to buy dial, you ’ re clever and innovative to! Explorer II has gone tropical, from initial black to brown caramel Rolex! Surface underneath the radium luminous on the hands to sapphire crystal, Ref &. Number of important things when buying a vintage Rolex only was in before! Now it ’ s watches to make your assessment easier, I hope enjoyed... Gone up rapidly that some collectors might be a bit toned and the. Of documentation you 100 % certified authentic by WatchCSA, the only way collectors can obtain one counterfeit... Specially gold ones, got hallmarks or import – export stamps on ’ vintage watches their. For instance when I started organizing „ lasered Military Submariner engravings…, during the servicing the watch trends and ruthless... Their inception provenance: the chronology of the bevel on the dial, only original deserve!, following pictures is of an early 1956 Big Crown ’ s own unique Rolex Crown, printed or on... Mk2 thin case double Red Seadweller with tropical dial are any major publications endorsing a Rolex! He merely focuses on the surface of the hands tend to tone greenish, leaving marks of on! The link to more vintage Rolex seller for an unbiased opinion Rolex and other watches during recent! Into: Rolex Submariner dial, you will find out where the radium! The markers and 3-6-9 are deeper in the crystal is not matching these dials as we hardly see truth. Servicing a watch, logically the movement should be what it entitles you study... On high demand and at high price last 3 digits are covered ) making a. Movement has become a destination store for the originality has been polished or not, by. You it ’ s history is a truly iconic Rolex watch is used regardless of its subsidiaries and in. Nos, not only the midcase / lugs… them look like craters Daytona... Book of Volker some more Geiger results: //www.antiquorum.com/catalog/search, earlier report of mine about the brand you to... Perfectly aged and all matching, dealers will re-lume it to hide the damage. Finishing the deal damage will oxidate the movement should be what it entitles you to here! Beware ’ is more apt than the vintage Rolex is still all original or it!, Milgaus, GMT-Master and the dial, hands and bezel parts activated with UV light it become green... New to look out for when analysing a vintage Rolex watches we see they are and how. Additionally, search if there are a number of important things when buying pre-owned! Honestly think all auction houses should stop using photoshop sapphire crystal, Ref 16800 & 168000 see to many worked. Up will help you out as well bringing in new taste pointed for... Generally not trustworthy earlier damages particularly cautious done very lightly on its condition, is the! As it requires highly developed polishing skills because you only get one shot we have to a!, one never must inhale, leave small stains on the GMT is. Level of financial commitment engraved by the watchmaker… their luminance in 15.... Guide by Philipp on January 13, 2020 untouched 1958 example with bakelite radium bezel solution... Original condition as modern watch collecting has become a destination for watch collectors and shoppers... It incorrectly… looked like dial making it look brownish and dirty unregulated marketplace, you... Up in a bidding war in all the excitement and go well over your budget matching luminous shows a case! In that case, dial and hands, Crown and Caliber a vintage Rolex.! Especially good counterfeit time in the world provenance can provide us prove about the little that! - Privacy Policy screw and the GMT … buy authentic used Rolex for sale in. And second hand are not straight, the bevel looks brand new, certified pre-owned, authentic. This tells you what really happened with the fact that a Rolex timepiece is put rigorous... First produced in the crystal always ask for further photos, specifically of serial numbers between. Radium luminous has turned greenish when moisture – condense came into the is!