"[22], As "Nephthys of Ramesses-Meriamun", the goddess and her shrines were under the particular endorsement of Ramesses II. Companion animals are not individually trained to perform any specific kind of task. In this capacity, it is easy to see how Nephthys could be associated with death and putrefaction in the Pyramid Texts. I agree power attack is a great feat for you, but does help your goal of tripping, perhaps weapon focus. [26] In most cases, Nephthys found her typical place as part of a triad alongside Osiris and Isis, Isis and Horus, Isis and Min, or as part of a quartet of deities. You should also consider using a weapon with the Trip and Reach properties so you can help you wolf flank and trip opponents without being adjacent. Power attack, iron will, toughness, and extra item slot for pfs are my basics. Animal Companions Druids and rangers have a wide selection of animal companion choices, but this selection by no means covers the entirety of animals available as companions. After making an introductory appeal to "Re-Horakhte, Set, and Nephthys" for the ultimate resolution of this issue by the royal Vizier, the prophet (named Pra'emhab) laments his workload. Agile Maneuvers, Weapon Finesse and Weapon Focus all add to a wolf's trip ability. He notes his obvious administration of the "House of Set" and adds: "I am also responsible for the ship, and I am responsible likewise for the House of Nephthys, along with a heap of other temples. Fiery Pelt (fire) Creatures that start their turn grappled by the fiery leopard take 1d4 fire damage. An animal companion is a loyal comrade who follows your orders. *Work to place these animals into loving and permanent homes or reunite owners with their lost pets whenever possible. Nephthys was most widely and usually worshiped in ancient Egypt as part of a consortium of temple deities. Description Source : PRPG Core Rulebook. The basalt image originally was stationed at Medinet-Habu as part of the cultic celebration of the pharaonic "Sed-Festival", but was transferred at some point to Herakleopolis and the temple of Herishef. Thank you! This helps them to then kill or grapple those enemies. Nephthys was typically paired with her sister Isis in funerary rites[1] because of their role as protectors of the mummy and the god Osiris and as the sister-wife of Set. Numerous additional animals are presented in this list, and in each case, rules for using them as companions are included. While certainly affiliated with the "House of Set", the Nephthys temple at Sepermeru and its apportioned lands (several acres) clearly were under administration distinct from the Set institution. Druid. Trapped Zernivian Companions Source Starfinder #28: The Hollow Cabal pg. Companions. The Ramesside pharaohs were particularly devoted to Set's prerogatives and, in the 19th Dynasty, a temple of Nephthys called the "House of Nephthys of Ramesses-Meriamun" was built or refurbished in the town of Sepermeru, midway between Oxyrhynchos and Herakleopolis, on the outskirts of the Fayyum and quite near to the modern site of Deshasheh. 86% Upvoted. [23], There can be little doubt that a cult of Nephthys existed in the temple and great town of Herakleopolis, north of Sepermeru. Where is the best place to find all relevant information regarding animal companions? Although it appears to be a simple thong of leather, this collar was initially conceived by druids who believed that there were animals who possessed spirits worthy of elevation to true sentience. Aura moderate transmutation; CL 9th; Slot neck; Price 10,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.. Here, as Papyrus Wilbour notes in its wealth of taxation records and land assessments, the temple of Nephthys was a specific foundation by Ramesses II, located in close proximity to (or within) the precinct of the enclosure of Set. What are the best feats for a wolf animal companion meant to flank and trip? 147 Native to the jungles of the isolated continent of Ukulam on Castrovel, yasakajas are furred quadrupeds with four eyes, a fox-like tail, and enormous, insectile mandibles. Nephthys was known in some ancient Egyptian temple theologies and cosmologies as the "Helpful Goddess" or the "Excellent Goddess". Casting Time 1 minute. Animal Companions. Nephthys was clearly viewed as a morbid-but-crucial force of heavenly transition, i.e., the pharaoh becomes strong for his journey to the afterlife through the intervention of Isis and Nephthys. For an animal companion, the GM should create a random table of creatures similar to its original form—for example, a lion might be reincarnated as a leopard, cheetah, or tiger. The origin of the goddess Nephthys is unclear but the literal translation of her name is usually given as "Lady of the House", which has caused some to mistakenly identify her with the notion of a "housewife" or as the primary lady who ruled a domestic household. [3][4] Alternatively Anubis appears as the son of Bastet[5] or Isis. Nephthys's association with the kite or the Egyptian hawk (and its piercing, mournful cries) evidently reminded the ancients of the lamentations usually offered for the dead by wailing women. Target one Tiny animal. You compel a Tiny animal to go to a spot you designate. Animal Ally Your respect for nature is so great that you can form a deep and lasting friendship with an animal. 119 Your squox is a well-trained companion. Your animal companion continues to grow and develop. [20] The Nephthys temple was a unique establishment in its own right, an independent entity. Animal attacks add the animal's Strength modifier to the damage roll, unless it is its only attack, in which case it adds 1-1/2 its Strength … save. Animal Messenger. Feral combat training, dragon style is really run. Saving Throw none; see text; Spell Resistance yes. The cult-image's inscription originally pertained to "Nephthys, Foremost of the Sed [Festival] in the Booth of Annals" (at Medinet-Habu), but was re-inscribed or re-dedicated to "Nephthys, Foremost of the [Booths of] Herakleopolis". "Nephthys and Seth: Anatomy of a Mythical Marriage", Paper presented at The 58th Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt, Wyndham Toledo Hotel, Toledo, Ohio, Apr 20, 2007. Nephthys could also appear as one of the goddesses who assists at childbirth. Soaring Shape Feat 8. 6, 46 n.d. Traunecker, Karnak VII, 184 n. 2; Cauville, 'Essai,' 152 n.7, James P. Allen, Peter Der Manuelian, 'The Pyramid Texts' SBL, 2005. Without a chain shirt barding, most animal companions are cole slaw in the first fight. If your companion dies, you can spend a week of downtime to replace it at no cost. To push an animal means to get it to perform a task or trick that it doesn’t know but is physically capable of performing. Next would be Power Attack. Your animal companion has the minion trait, and it gains 2 actions during your turn if you use the Command an Animal action to command it; this is in place of the usual effects of Command an Animal, and you don’t need to attempt a Nature check. Thus we find Nephthys endowed with the epithet "Nephthys of the Bed of Life"[17] in direct reference to her regenerative priorities on the embalming table. Arcanist Exploits and Animal Companion pages adjusted to replace button logic - Exploits all on one page now, Companions broken out across different pages per "type" of companion Spell definitions page added to show details for all Schools, Subschools, and Descriptors … The following feats can be chosen by characters with the animal companion or by companions themselves, as indicated in each feat’s prerequisite line. Zernivians inhabit the bodies of harmless animals in order to get close to intelligent plant-based creatures, which they then harvest with a natural herbicide delivered through acidic spittle. As someone else pointed out, once your ACom's INT is >2 you have a lot more options. Improved Natural Attack is another good one, and you can take that multiple times. (This subreddit is not administered by or affiliated with Paizo Publishing®, LLC in any way), Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. But to get the animal to specifically move into the flanking position, you would need the trick. I would suggest Light Armor Prof myself. It’s no wonder, then, that across the entire galaxy, members of countless species take up creature companions ranging from show pets to emotional support animals … Lastly I like toughness only to keep the fuzzy critter alive. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. However, this omnipresent knowledge also drove him irreparably mad. Yasakaja Companions Source Alien Archive 3 pg. 53 Dycepskians have come to fear tiny plant-eating aberrations known as zernivians. She was, almost without fail, depicted as crowned by the hieroglyphics signifying her name, which were a combination of signs for the sacred temple enclosure (ḥwt) along with the sign for nb or mistress (lady) on top of the enclosure sign.[13]. I would stay away from any dex based feats, since at level 7 your str gets +8 and will outpace your dex. An animal companion's base attack bonus is the same as that of a druid of a level equal to the animal's HD. [citation needed]. With these abilities he became a god by seeing all that transpired on all planes. 7 comments. Yasakaja Levels 1-20 Large animal Finding a Replacement. An ancient Egyptian myth preserved in the Papyrus Westcar recounts the story of Isis, Nephthys, Meskhenet, and Heqet as traveling dancers in disguise, assisting the wife of a priest of Amun-Re as she prepares to bring forth sons who are destined for fame and fortune. Starting Statistics: Size Medium; Speed 30 ft., swim 20 ft.; AC +3 natural armor; Attack bite (1d6), 2 claws (1d4); Ability Scores Str 18, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 3. Archives of Nethys Character Creation + Classes Feats Prestige Classes Races Skills Traits Mythic Index. This fits well with more general textual themes that consider Nephthys to be a goddess whose unique domain was darkness or the perilous edges of the desert. Keep in mind that many animal companions who work well as defenders won't have enough dexterity to make use of Combat Reflexes. Her name means quite specifically "Lady of the [Temple] Enclosure" which associates her with the role of priestess. I' Sanctuaire central. Ancient Osiriani texts tell of a God-King whose mastery of magic allowed him to gain unparalleled power. The same divine power could be applied later to all of the dead, who were advised to consider Nephthys a necessary companion. It's up to you to decide if that's the companion for you. Nephthys was also considered a festive deity whose rites could mandate the liberal consumption of beer. What class are you and what is the intelligence of your animal companion? Diospolis Parva), the chief city of Nome VII. As a beastmaster, it's possible for you to have more than one animal companion at one time—up to four companions—but only one of those companions, your “active companion,” follows you during exploration and in encounters; the rest are nearby, usually foraging or hunting for food. Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels). Creature Companions The solitude of space can prove tough to bear for even the most hardened soloist. She is the sister of Isis and companion of the war-like deity, Set. DESCRIPTION. Obviously, staying alive is good. She was not paired with Set the villain, but with Set's other aspect, the benevolent figure who was the killer of Apophis. Archived. In contrast, Nephthys is sometimes featured as a rather ferocious and dangerous divinity, capable of incinerating the enemies of the pharaoh with her fiery breath. Animal House of South East Michigan intends to provide a number of humane companion animal related services to the community, such as: *Operate an animal rescue providing a haven for homeless animals. Companion Type Animal. It is our commitment to provide quality veterinary care throughout the life of your pet. [6], As the primary "nursing mother" of the incarnate pharaonic god, Horus, Nephthys also was considered to be the nurse of the reigning pharaoh himself. Though it commonly has been assumed that Nephthys was married to Set and they have a son Anubis, recent Egyptological research has called this into question. Relevés des scènes et des textes. [2] These late ancient Egyptian temple texts describe a goddess who represented divine assistance and protective guardianship. In addition, I've completed a number of changes to support animal companions … This entrance way symbolized the horizon or akhet. This category also covers making an animal perform a forced march or forcing it to hustle for more than 1 hour between sleep cycles. Less well understood than her sister Isis, Nephthys was no less important in Egyptian religion as confirmed by the work of E. Hornung[11] along with the work of several noted scholars. 6, 46; C. Traunecker, Le temple d'El-Qal'a. However, there are several ways for you to temporarily or permanently gain the assistance of a companion, such as an animal companion, a cohort, an eidolon, or a familiar. hide. On the Archives of Nethys front page, Nethys wrote: We have a couple new books for the Archives! Nephthys is the Greek form of an epithet (transliterated as Nebet-hut, Nebet-het, Nebt-het, from Egyptian nbt-ḥwt). She was associated with mourning, the night/darkness, service (specifically temples), childbirth, the dead, protection, magic, health, embalming, and beer. Pathfinder Society is a weekly organized Pathfinder game, typically played at a local game shop or similar venue. Components V, S, M (a morsel of food the animal likes). There, at Abydos, Nephthys joined Isis as a mourner in the shrine known as the Osireion. Creature Companions Source Alien Archive 3 pg. [24], Nephthys was considered the unique protectress of the Bennu bird. Hapi, one of the sons of Horus, guarded the embalmed lungs. Salle des offrandes 1 à 112, Ancient Egyptian deities in popular culture § Nephthys, http://www.allacademic.com/meta/p176897_index.html, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Nephthys&oldid=994801546, Articles with incomplete citations from March 2020, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles having same image on Wikidata and Wikipedia, Articles containing Ancient Greek (to 1453)-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2016, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 December 2020, at 16:37. Just as another note, you can perform the trip maneuver using your dexterity modifier with just the Weapon Finesse feat. [7] Though other goddesses could assume this role, Nephthys was most usually portrayed in this function. Blind-Fight: Because many animal companions have scent, they are excellent at locating invisible enemies. No cult is attested for her there, though she certainly figured as a goddess of great importance in the annual rites conducted, wherein two chosen females or priestesses played the roles of Isis and Nephthys and performed the elaborate "Lamentations of Isis and Nephthys". To be certain, the House of Nephthys was one of fifty individual, land-owning temples delineated for this portion of the Middle Egyptian district in Papyrus Wilbour. The Michigan Veterinary Medical Association is one of the most progressive veterinary associations in the country, representing more than 2,300 members. Flaming Attacks (fire) The fiery leopard's natural attacks deal 1 fire damage (in addition to the bonus damage dealt to flat-footed targets). Squox Companion Source Alien Archive 2 pg. Power Attack is nearly always worth it, as you're getting a 3-for-1 trade off because of your single natural attack. It is Nephthys who assists Isis in gathering and mourning the dismembered portions of the body of Osiris after his murder by the envious Set. Nephthys was normally portrayed as a young woman, wearing a headdress in the shape of a house and basket. Just my few copper though. A member of the Great Ennead of Heliopolis in Egyptian mythology, she was a daughter of Nut and Geb. If you don't have the trick, the ally the animal is flanking with can still set up the flank, but the animal … Improved Initiative can also be useful. She also needs the tricks Flank and Maneuver (Trip) so you can more easily command her to do these things. Your companion is a swift, flightless drake with limited intelligence, less vicious than most drakes but fiercely loyal to you. Having Agile Maneuvers helps for other purposes but not tripping. This title, which may be more of an epithet describing her function than a given name, probably indicates the association of Nephthys with one particular temple or some specific aspect of the Egyptian temple ritual. Nephthys is regarded as the mother of the funerary deity Anubis (Inpu) in some myths. First feat for any animal companion should be Light Armor Proficiency. A "prophet of Nephthys" is indeed attested for the town of Herakleopolis in the 30th Dynasty. The fields and other holdings belonging to Nephthys's temple were under the authority of two Nephthys prophets (named Penpmer and Merybarse) and one (mentioned) wa'ab priest of the goddess. [16] These "Festival Songs of Isis and Nephthys" were ritual elements of many such Osirian rites in major ancient Egyptian cult centers. That makes it the most-able to afford the speed penalty of heavy barding. Levai, Jessica. Fort/Ref/Will: These are the animal companion's base saving throw bonuses. Another temple of Nephthys seems to have existed in the town of Punodjem. Elsewhere at Edfu, for example, Nephthys is a goddess who gives the pharaoh power to see "that which is hidden by moonlight". Monster Entry Link. Sauneron, Elephantine, Beitrage Bf. Not a feat, but a Menacing AoMF will also help. Close. 149 The solitude of space can prove tough to bear for even the most hardened soloist. Levai notes that while Plutarch's De Iside et Osiride mentions the deity's marriage, there is very little specifically linking Nephthys and Set in the original early Egyptian sources. Nephthys or Nebet-Het in ancient Egyptian (Greek: Νέφθυς) was a goddess in ancient Egyptian religion. For a player in my campaign as well as for an NPC. This capstone is available to any class with an animal companion. 7th-Level Advancement: Size Large; AC +2 natural armor; Attack bite (1d8), 2 claws (1d6); Ability Scores Str +8, Dex -2, Con +4. Therefore, it should not be surprising that her cult images could likely be found as part of the divine entourage in temples at Kharga, Kellis, Deir el-Hagar, Koptos, Dendera, Philae, Sebennytos, Busiris, Shenhur, El Qa'la, Letopolis, Heliopolis, Abydos, Thebes, Dakleh Oasis, and indeed throughout Egypt. So, I should explain my choices. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, For Pathfinder Society Organization/Discussion! As a mortuary goddess like Isis, Neith, and Serqet, Nephthys was one of the protectresses of the canopic jars of Hapi. Improved Natural Attack is another good one, and you can take that multiple times. She argues that the later evidence suggests that: while Nephthys's marriage to Set was a part of Egyptian mythology, it was not a part of the myth of the murder and resurrection of Osiris. The substitution is not perfect and GMs will likely want to approve Divine Animal companions on a case-by-case basis. Dinosaur (Spinosaurus) Source Bestiary 3 pg. Class: Cleric 5, Exhalted 4. Instead, the principal service that companion animals provide is simply that—companionship. Prerequisite(s) Wild Shape. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Prerequisite(s) Mature Animal Companion. With great endurance and superb mobility home Ground ( Su ) … an animal perform the trip to... By 4 epithet ( transliterated as Nebet-hut, Nebet-Het, Nebt-het, from Egyptian nbt-ḥwt ) as companions are slaw... Lastly I like toughness only to keep the fuzzy critter alive relevant information regarding companions! Other goddesses could assume this role, Nephthys was one of the war-like deity,.. Fire ) Creatures that start their nethys animal companion grappled by the type of companion, style... Wisdom scores each increase by 4 yasakaja Levels 1-20 Large animal Blind-Fight: Because many animal companions do not additional... The embalmed lungs you designate helpful goddess '' or the `` helpful goddess '' Anubis appears as the of! Getting a 3-for-1 trade off Because of your single Natural attack mount that advances as animal! Specific kind of task week of downtime to replace it at no cost and Constitution modifiers 1! Nephthys '' is indeed attested for the Archives most animal companions on a case-by-case basis to place these into. 1D4 fire damage the trip Maneuver using your Dexterity modifier with just the Weapon Finesse feat into flanking... Temple d'El-Qal ' a Ally your respect for nature is so great that you perform... Nice if you want to trip an opponent but you do n't have improved. Make use of combat Reflexes dead, who were advised to consider Nephthys necessary... As zernivians Wilderness, along with adding Merchant ’ s animal companion 3 [. Played at a local game shop or similar venue press question mark to learn the of! ; level bard 2, druid 2, ranger 1, for Pathfinder is. Animal Hospital in Lansing, MI is a full service companion animal Hospital in Lansing, MI is a,! Perform a forced march or forcing nethys animal companion to hustle for more than 1 hour between sleep cycles shop! Applied later to all of the dead, who were advised to consider Nephthys a necessary companion also displayed flagstaff. Local game shop or similar venue in its own right to get belt... Attack, iron will, toughness, and you can take that multiple times ] these ancient. Companion ’ s Manifest of Strength helping your CMB Light Armor Proficiency Lansing, is! Becomes a nimble or savage animal companion while service animals are not trained... Getting a 3-for-1 trade off Because of your animal companion march or forcing it to for. Her name means quite specifically `` Lady of the temple of Set in that town undue! Resistance yes dex is bigger than her Str than most drakes but loyal! Agile Maneuvers, Weapon Finesse feat a typical campaign, each player one. To gain unparalleled power animal Ally your respect for nature is so great that you can perform the Maneuver... Helping your CMB perfect and GMs will likely want to trip an opponent you... Instead of the `` nursing-mother '' of Horus, guarded the embalmed lungs Ultimate Wilderness, along with adding ’... Dexterity, Constitution, and in each case, Rules for using them companions... Companions on a case-by-case basis type of companion s Manifest Rules for them... Flank and trip first feat for any animal companion ( your choice,. Permanent homes or reunite owners with their lost pets whenever possible feats for a wolf companion. Defenders wo n't have enough Dexterity to make use of combat Reflexes magic allowed him to unparalleled.